Social Studies

social studies

(Ms. Palenchar, Ms. Armstrong, Mr. Hinton, Mr. Ferullo, Ms. Rivenbark)

Social Studies Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Pen Argyl High School social studies department is to develop active and informed citizens who understand the context of historical and current events so they can be active participants in a democratic society.  By studying various social studies disciplines that explore political, economic, social, cultural, and geographic topics, students will be prepared to live in a culturally diverse and interconnected world.

Department Members

Ms. Armstrong

Mr. Ferullo (Department Chair)

Mr. Hinton

Ms. Palenchar

Ms. Rivenbark


Honors United States History 1

CP United States History 1

Honors United States History 2

CP United States History 2

Honors World Cultures

CP World Cultures

Civics and Economics

Modern American History


Introduction to Psychology

Criminal Justice

AP United States History

AP European History

AP World History: Modern

AP Psychology