Attendance Information

All students enrolled in the Pen Argyl School District must reside within the boundaries of the Pen Argyl School District. Please see Pen Argyl Area School District Board Policy 204 for more information.

The Board recognizes that attendance is an important factor in educational success, and supports a comprehensive approach to identifying and addressing attendance issues.

The Board requires the attendance of all students during the days and hours that school is in session, except that temporary student absences may be excused by authorized district staff per applicable laws and regulations, Board policy, and administrative regulations.

Important Procedures

Absence Excuses to PAAHS
Absence excuses must be received by the PAAHS Attendance Office within 5 school days after returning from an absence.  

Three ways to submit an absence excuse:
1.  Students may bring their absence excuses to the high school office at any time throughout the school day upon return from an absence.  Excuses should be placed in the Excuse Box on the counter in the main office.

2.  Parent excuses may be submitted electronically through Skyward.
           -Parents must log into their Skyward account & select Family Access.
           -Using the “Student” drop-down menu; select your student.
           -Select “Attendance”,  “Enter Absence Request” and then “Add Request”

Enter the start & end dates (first & last day) of your student’s absence and the reason for their absence. If your student was absent only one day, the start & end date are the same.  Do not enter early dismissal or vacation requests through this tab.

Parents will receive immediate confirmation that an excuse was submitted. Please check Skyward in 2-3 days to see if the excuse was approved or denied.

3.  Doctor excuses may be scanned & sent to: [email protected] as Skyward does not allow for doctor excuses to be uploaded electronically.  Parent excuses and/or questions should not be sent to this mailbox.  Please call the high school office if you have any questions.

**Absent excuses may not be sent to any faculty email.

Early Dismissal Procedure:
Please send a note to the school with your student on the day of an early dismissal. The note should state the reason and time of the early dismissal and who will pick them up if other than the parent. If your student drives to school, please indicate if they will be driving themselves to their appointment. Your student must bring their note to the high school office after checking in with their Block 1/Homeroom teacher first thing in the morning.  They will then be given an early dismissal pass.  

Parents, please ring the doorbell at the B-wing entrance (at the stop sign before the parking lot) when you are here to pick up your student. Your student will then be sent out to meet you. It is not necessary for parents to enter the building to sign the student out.

Late Arrival or Returning from an Appointment:
Students arriving late to school or returning from an appointment should ring the doorbell at the B-wing entrance to be let into the building. They should then report to the high school office with their excuse to be signed in and given a pass to their classroom.

Please call the attendance office at 610-863-1293, Option #5 if you have any questions.