PAAHS History


Pen Argyl Area High School's first graduating class in 1899 consisted of four students who attended school at the Lincoln Building on Westbrook Avenue and the Garfield and McKinley Schools on Pennsylvania Avenue. It was not until 1936 that a new building was constructed on the mountain. This "first phase" of the new Pen Argyl Area High School now houses the C-Wing of the high school.

The A-Wing was built in 1963 and around that same time, Alumni Stadium was also constructed. The complex that we have come to know today was quickly taking shape on the mountain. A new B-Wing was added in 2001 which added a new office, new classrooms, and a library. The B-Wing joined together the school buildings constructed in 1936 and 1963 creating the unified Pen Argyl Area High School that stands today.

The Argylite, first published in 1931, was the forerunner for the school newspaper that still exists today: The Green EchoThe Green Echo has been published for more than 50 years.