(Back Row: Ms. Smith, Mr. Pipech, Ms. Horvath)

(Front Row; Ms. Plata, Ms. Borger, Ms. Flynn, Mr. Meyers)

Mathematics Department Mission Statement

The goal of the mathematics department at Pen Argyl Area High School is to prepare learners for the dynamically and rapidly changing future by teaching core curriculums that foster and promote excellent problem-solving, analytical thinking, creativity, and critical thinking. We teach students how to get the right answer, but also empower them to challenge the validity or confirm the accuracy of the final answer using mathematics and reasoning.  We are committed to preparing students for college, the workforce, or the military by demonstrating the prevalence and importance of mathematics in nearly all aspects of everyday life using digital tools alongside credible and relevant resources to enhance their learning experience.  

Department Members

Ms. Borger

Ms. Flynn

Ms. Horvath

Mr. Meyers

Mr. Pipech (Department Chair)

Ms. Plata

Ms. Smith


Algebra Foundations

Algebra A

Algebra B

CP Algebra 1

CP Algebra 2

Honors PreCalculus

Honors Algebra 2

Algebra 2

CP PreCalculus

CP College Algebra

CP Geometry


Honors Geometry

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC

Honors Calculus

AP Statistics

Financial Math