Mr. Poppele

¡Hola! I am Sr. ("señor") Poppele, a Spanish teacher and department coordinator at PAAHS. I earned a BA in Spanish and a Master's Degree in Education, and I have been enjoying teaching at PAHS for 15 years. Prior to teaching, I completed a 24-year career in business for an international firm serving in a variety of positions including business analyst, translator, programmer, and technology director. One of my hobbies is studying language (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and others, having attained various levels of proficiency in each and recognizing that learning never ceases!) and culture. My corporate duties afforded me wonderful opportunities to travel to many countries and to use and enhance my language skills and cultural competence. I also enjoy skiing, hiking, playing the piano, and trying out as many different cuisines as I can find.

Courses Taught

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4

Spanish 5

Favorite Thing About Teaching At PAAHS

I especially enjoy the close-knit community at Pen Argyl and the positive attitudes and humor students bring to the classroom.