PAAHS Student Assistance Program (SAP)

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is committed to developing positive coping skills in students that will foster confident, constructive behaviors. It is our purpose to provide early recognition, and intervention and offer referral services to students who are exhibiting behaviors that create barriers to learning and school performance.

SAP Process

1.) Referral to the Student Assistance Program team by school personnel, parents, peers, or self.

2.) Gathering information

  • Behavioral observation forms are sent to students’ teachers, counselors, administrators, and school nurses.
  • Parent input/parent permission
  • Student input

3.) Action

  • The SAP team will review the data collected
  • provide in-school supportive services
  • referral to out-of-school support services
  • follow-up with student and/or family

Student Behavior Appropriate for SAP Referral

  • Decline in academic performance
  • At-risk behaviors resulting in disciplinary action
  • Truancy and/or chronic lateness to school
  • Inability to express anger appropriately
  • A distinct change in behavior, appearance, or friends
  • Observable references to alcohol, tobacco, and/or drugs
  • Inability to concentrate due to home or family issues

If you know of a student experiencing these behaviors, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the SAP team or submit a SAP form which can be found on the Pen Argyl Area High School Website.

SAP Team Members

Ms. Capri

Ms. Durrwachter

Mr. Gerencser

Ms. Goyette

Ms. Kresge

Mrs. Krisukas

Mr. Kunkle

Ms. Kutzler

Mr. Oakley

Mr. Poppele

Ms. Rauch

Nurse Richards

Mr. Sampson