Arts Department


(Ms. McCarty, Mr. Suarez, Ms. Cesare)

Visual Arts Mission Statement

The Art department is committed to encouraging students to use art as a positive and alternative means of self-expression.  Students will be engaged in various art experiences including historical aspects, developing an appreciation for art, and making informative judgments with a focus on art production. Lessons are designed to build and refine students' knowledge and problem-solving skills. We encourage diversity, creativity, and pride in one's work.  Whenever possible, the classes connect with other disciplines such as math, history, and science.  Art can make a powerful statement or be a relaxing outlet. We hope that students learn skills that allow them to enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

Practical Arts Mission Statement

The practical arts department teaches hands-on and problem-solving skills that students will use throughout their lives.  Classes provide a foundation of knowledge, critical thinking, and techniques that affect daily activities. Topics such as cooking, household budgeting, team work, personal management skills, woodworking, engineering, and design are some of the subjects that are covered in the practical arts courses.

Department Members

Ms. Cesare (Department Chair)

Ms. McCarty

Mr. Suarez


Introduction to Art

2D Design

3D Design

Digital Art


Art 1

Art 2

Art 3/4

Industrial Arts 1

Industrial Arts 2/3

Engineering Concepts 1

Engineering Concepts 2

Family and Consumer Science 1

Family and Consumer Science 2

Family and Consumer Science 3


Family Relations