World Language


(Mr. Poppele, Ms. Gomez)

World Languages Department Mission Statement

Our mission in the PAASD World Languages department is to provide students with the opportunity to develop and enhance communication skills in a new language. Our language curriculum on each level focuses on the four primary communicative language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and we provide an important grounding in cultural awareness and knowledge of the target language communities. We emphasize the importance of grammar, vocabulary, and accurate pronunciation for coherent expression of thoughts and ideas while students are also guided towards an understanding that cultural knowledge and appreciation are intricately linked to communicative competence. We assist and encourage students in their world-language journey by helping to make connections to their own language and culture, by building on their current knowledge, as well as by making connections to other disciplines and global issues. We are focused on helping students become lifelong learners and global citizens who can communicate effectively and respectfully in a diverse and interconnected world.

Department Members

Ms. Gomez

Mr. Poppele (Department Chair)


CP German 1

CP German 2

CP German 3

CP German 4

Honors Spanish 5 (Literature)

Honors Spanish 5 (Conversation)

CP Spanish 1

CP Spanish 2

Honors Spanish 3

Honors Spanish 4