Administration/Student Advisory Team (ASAT)


The Administration/Student Advisory Team (ASAT) was started during the 2022.2023 school year. ASAT was created to create a forum for direct communication between the Pen Argyl Area High School administration and student representatives about the needs of the school community. All members are expected to speak freely and openly about any concerns, issues, opinions, and/or questions that they possess or that others have communicated. ASAT members are relied on to be "the voice" of the students to ensure that the administration is doing all they can to create a positive experience for every student.

Eight ASAT members are chosen from each set of grade-level class officers (two from each grade-level) and two others are nominated by the Character Education Adviser.


Bethany Kuster (Class of 2024)

Sophia Turtzo (Class of 2024)

Isabelle Sora (Class of 2025)

Jacob Oyer (Class of 2025)

Nicholas Haros (Class of 2026)

Fletcher Marsh (Class of 2026)

Joslyn Greenwood (Class of 2027)

Brody Hannick (Class of 2027)

Isabella Groves (Character Education)

Carlena Alfred (Character Education)